How to Deal with Dental Anxiety
March 14, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Sedation dentistry: Is a mid-day nap right for you?

sedation dentistry

Do you feel that dental appointments “stress you out”? Do you find it difficult to sleep the night before your dental visit? Is dentistry an anxiety ridden nuisance?

From the psychological to the physical - anxiety to gag reflex, there are many reasons to consider completing your dental treatment while sedated.

Here in Houston, Texas M. Roman Kotlarek, D.D.S. provides a practical solution for tackling your dental-related anxiety. Sedation may allow you to receive the dental care that you need and deserve.

For some folks, Dr. Kotlarek will use minimal to moderate sedation (laughing gas, a hypnotic tablet taken by mouth or some combination technique), which should be enough to help calm fears. If your anxieties are more significant, Dr. Kotlarek provides intravenous sedation which creates a profoundly stress-free dental experience.  Very few dental patients have any recollection of having had any dental care while being treated with IV sedation. One patient commented: “It’s the best, I don’t remember a thing”.

Types of Sedation

The most common form of sedation is oral sedation. This is usually given as a prescription-strength anti-anxiety medication that you will take before your appointment. Within an hour you will start to notice the effects of the medication. We can prescribe different dosages of oral sedation to cater to your specific fears and phobias to make sure your visit is pleasant. Of course, the effects of the medication will not wear off right away so it’s important that you have someone who can drive you home after your appointment.

The second common type of sedation is inhaled sedation, often referred to as “laughing gas”. By placing a mask over your nose and delivering a steady stream of sedation mixed with oxygen into your airways we can instantly help you feel calmer. It’s easy for us to control how much sedation you receive through a nose mask. This is a popular option because the relaxation is immediate and there is no residual effect. At the completion of your visit, you are given 100% oxygen which provides a little energy boost.  You’ll be able to drive yourself to work or home.

Intravenous sedation ( IV sedation ) is the third option.This is the most complete, effective and predictable method of sedation. Drugs are delivered and dose controlled intravenously. Dr. Kotlarek is one of the few dentists in Houston, Texas that routinely performs general dentistry while using this type of sedation.

Dr. Kotlarek received his training at Montefiore hospital in New York. He is certified by the Texas State Board to provide IV sedation in his facility, Roman Dental, 14535 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77079. Dental IV sedation requires an 8 hour fast and an escort to drive you home.  With this type of sedation, most patients won't remember the procedure, ridding stress and anxiety.  For moderate to severe anxiety IV sedation is often the best answer. 

Don’t let a fear of the dentist stand between you and dental health. Talk to us at Roman Dental in Houston, TX, to find out whether this is the right way to calm your dental fears.