Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Today with dental implants, patients are no longer forced to live with loose and removable dentures. Missing teeth can now be replaced, requiring no crowning, capping or modification to healthy adjacent teeth.

In Houston, Texas, dental implants are provided by Roman Dental in the 77079 zip code area.

At Roman Dental we are all about prevention … saving teeth. However, adults do experience tooth loss, through genetic bias, gum disease, cavities, and trauma. Dental implants offer a conservative tooth replacement option.

How do implants differ from traditional dentures? The differences are significant. Rather than wearing a large plastic “plate”, you receive an actual root replacement, eliminating the need for large metal and plastic dentures.  A small titanium screw is placed where the tooth’s root had been. A custom made tooth is attached firmly to the top of the screw. Over time the titanium dental implant will attach to the surrounding bone, creating a strong and permanent root.

Dental implants can be  used to replace a single tooth or they can be used to replace an entire set of missing or problematic teeth.  After a while, you may forget that they aren’t your real teeth!

For dental implants, choose Roman Dental. Our experience and expertise in this area mean that you will have confidence in your smile once again. We listen to our patients and develop treatment plans that fit their unique needs.

All replacement choices require compromise, as there is no substitute for what is given/taken by nature. Although implant tooth replacement involves time and expense, of all options, it comes closest to delivering the function of natural teeth.  For those susceptible to gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss – implants work.   

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