Dentures - A replacement for missing teeth

At Roman Dental, we take great care to provide solutions to replace hopeless teeth with replacements.  We attempt to help patients make this transition as simple as possible.

Dentures can be made of various materials.  Selection of the “right” denture material for an individual has a significant impact on user satisfaction.  All dentures will help us chew; properly made dentures will rejuvenate the face. A denture designed to develop support of the lips, cheek, and facial muscles will restore youthfulness and facial vitality.

Dentures-You have choices:   


Dentures are made of two parts, the base material and the teeth.

The Denture Base is the material that rests against remaining gum tissue and supports the denture teeth.

  1. Metal -        Strong and rigid but heavy and unsightly.
  2. Acrylics -    Light weight, tissue-colored, repairable but fragile.
  3. Nylon -        Very light, tissue colored, flexible and non-repairable

                           Brand names: Flexite, Valplast

  1. Fiber or metal reinforced acrylics -  stronger than acrylic but increase thickness and weight  

The Denture Teeth

  1. Acrylic :  Inexpensive but they wear quickly and lose their luster.
  2. Cross-linked Acrylic: Wear resistant, attractive and lustrous.

A great set of dentures… what it takes: (Five Steps)

  1. Choose the best materials.
  2. Have an excellent impression made of the jaw bone.
  3. Select denture teeth that are the right color size and shape.
    High grade, properly chosen teeth make the difference between a good and excellent result.
  4. Position the upper teeth for lip support, tooth display and clear speech.
    Proper positioning of correctly sized teeth can dramatically enhance the smile and the face.  Dentures can reduce wrinkles by supporting the cheek, lips and corners of the mouth to deliver a “face-lift” without the use of a scalpel.     
  5. Position the lower teeth for maximum comfort and function.
    Positioning the lower denture teeth correctly can reduce shifting, slurred speech and reduced function.


Man with Dentures

Hundreds of denture patient have been satisfied with their conventional full and partial dentures following Dr. Kotlarek five-step technique.  At Roman Dental our goal is to achieve function, comfort, natural beauty and the self-confidence that a great smile delivers.

Denture Service offerings at Roman Dental:

Premium Denture:

High-quality denture base material is paired with standard and economical denture teeth, we offer this option to accommodate the limitations of dental insurance.  Premium dentures are designed for function and strength.

Vitality Denture: 

Highest quality denture base material & teeth
Teeth and denture base position is refined for optimal function and aesthetics.
Teeth are positioned and edges are shaped for ideal alignment and display.
Built for function and durability, designed to deliver a winsome smile.

A denture is a custom made replacement for missing teeth.  A “full” (complete) denture replaces all of the teeth. 

A partial denture replaces any spaces or gaps created by a few missing teeth.

An over -denture replaces all the teeth but is locked in place by connecting the denture to remaining tooth roots or to dental implants.

An Immediate denture is designed and finished prior to the removal of teeth.  The denture is ready to be placed immediately after the teeth are removed.  The immediate denture patient is never without teeth. 

Why don’t my dentures fit anymore?

Complete dentures are supported only by the gum tissue, which lies under the denture base.  After teeth are removed the jawbone that supports the gum tissue slowly dissolves away.  This bone resorption never stops.  Therefore, as a person ages the dentures get looser, often making speech and chewing difficult.  This is particularly troublesome people wearing a lower denture.  Relining the denture will help keep the denture stable.

Bone loss diagram

Denture Relining

An impression of the jaw is made and a new layer of acrylic is placed within an existing denture.  Relining improves the fit and may reduce or eliminates the need for denture adhesives.  These liners can be placed in a single office visit. Denture relines can be made from hard or soft materials. Single visit relines are porous, pick up odors and often peel out of the denture.  The best option is usually a “hard laboratory reline”. Laboratory relines produce a tough non-porous durable surface but require that the denture be surrendered overnight for heat and pressure processing.  Relining is a great service for a loose denture that is otherwise in good condition, with a strong base and un-worn denture teeth.

Can my Broken Denture be Repaired?

Denture Repairs

Yes, at Roman Dental we can repair cracked denture bases and replace missing denture teeth.  Depending on the condition of the denture, a repair may last indefinitely or may simply be a temporary fix until a new appliance can be made. In Houston, TX broken dentures and dentures with missing teeth can often  be repaired during the same business day at Roman Dental.

For some patients, even the best made dentures simply don’t work.  These patients experience tenderness, denture slippage, gagging, poor aesthetics, frustration and an inability to chew. Universally this struggle results from either a lack of jawbone to support the denture or intolerance for the denture base, which covers the palate and surfaces of the mouth.  For these people, the dentures must be anchored to the jaws to prevent denture movement.  .  With dental implants a denture can be locked in place and the plastic that covers the roof of the mouth can be removed.

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