Implant Alternatives

Pro’s & Con’s of Implants, Bridges and Partial Dentures

Each patient should be aware of the available options for tooth replacement. Reviewed below are the common alternatives with a list of benefits and limitations. In the West Houston and Katy area, call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss how best to replace your loose or missing teeth.


Dental Implants

  • Very Functional (closet to natural teeth) and aesthetic
  • Fixed- held in place like a natural tooth
  • Adjacent teeth are not reduced “drilled down”
  • Normal speech
  • Will not decay
  • Can be used to replace one or many lost teeth
  • Higher cost
  • Multiple dental appointments and higher cost are involved

Modern Implant dentistry began in the 1950’s and has been refined over the past 60 years. Today, dental implants have become a routine method of tooth replacement.Dental implants Houston memorial | dental implants memorial tx

Partial and Complete Dentures:

Partial Dentures

  • Aesthetic
  • Quickly made, (two-three dental appointments)
  • Moderate cost
  • Adjacent teeth are not reduced “drilled down”
  • May weaken or lead to loss of adjacent teeth
  • Removable (may shift when eating, can be lost)
  • Fragile (can be broken)
  • Affects speech (plastic/metal hardware)
  • Extra effort to keep clean


Dental Bridge

  • Very functional and aesthetic
  • Fixed – cemented in place, it is not removable
  • Quickly made, (two-three dental appointments)
  • Bridged teeth are connected, cannot floss between them
  • Moderate cost
  • Must have strong teeth on either side of the gap
  • Increased chance for cavities to form on supporting teeth
  • Extra effort to keep clean.
  • Only a limited number of teeth can be replaced


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