Gumline Correction (Crown Lengthening & Grafting)

edveneers 700x279 - Gum Surgery

An even “gum line” is a key feature of a beautiful smile. Uneven gums can easily be corrected with cosmetic gum surgery. Some people show too much gum tissue when they smile; this creates a gummy smile. Other people can have overgrown gums that cover the upper portion of the teeth. Because of this the teeth can appear too short. In either case the gum-line can be straightened to produce a healthy and more attractive smile.

Gum line irregularities usually occur around healthy teeth and can be easily corrected. These corrections often involve very simple treatments that heal quickly and comfortably. Dentists and hygienists are experts at noticing the details of gum health and appearance.   If your gums are uneven, visit your dentist for a check-up.  Your dentist and hygienist will recommend a treatment to create a healthy gum-line for a better smile.  Dr. Kotlarek often performs this service with a dental laser, creating little discomfort and rapid healing.

Talk to us about any concern you may have regarding the appearance of your smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry may improve your look and self confidence.