Dental Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontic Treatment)

Do you have a tender or painful tooth?

Symptom such as: inflammation (swelling), heat sensitivity, cold sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, spontaneous pain, fever, “shooting” pain and being awoken from sleep by tooth pain are signs that you may require root canal treatment. Inflammation of the nervous tissue, within the hollow center of a tooth, causes discomfort. Symptoms can be alleviated with root canal therapy.

Root Canal (endodontic) therapy is performed to save broken or painful and seemingly hopeless teeth.

Root canal treatment can relieve soreness and swelling that can arise from an infected or abscessed tooth. The soft tissue within a tooth is simply removed and replaced with a special filling material, ultimately making the tooth and surrounding tissue and bone healthy and comfortable. Endodontic treatment is often completed in a single visit.

The words “root canal” have inspired many comedy bits and have wrongly become synonymous with pain and suffering. In reality, root canal is the reliever of mild to severe dental pain. 

Decayed, severely painful and seemingly hopeless teeth can often be saved and made comfortable with this simple procedure. Most badly decayed or broken teeth can be saved through root canal therapy. If you or your loved one is having a tooth ache and must consider extraction verses root canal therapy… root canal treatment is over 95% successful in preserving the long-term service of a tooth. Further, root canal treatment delivers immediate relief of pain from cold and hot foods and beverages.

Following Root canal therapy a patient commented:

”The root canal treatment was like throwing water on to the fire that was my dental pain”.

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What may be expected following root canal (endodontic) treatment?

  • Tenderness to chewing pressure, which lasts 2-5 days.
  • Mild inflammation of the gum tissue and surrounding cheek tissue.
  • Jaw joint soreness from opening during treatment.
  • Muscle or cheek tenderness from the dental injection.
root canal infection

Side effects following root canal therapy are temporary and include the same symptoms that may have caused you to seek treatment. Extended periods of pain, swelling fever and discomfort can occur but are not common. If you are experiencing prolonged tooth or gum sensitivity, see your dentist soon for proper evaluation and treatment. Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Early treatment and prevention are the keys to achieving dental health and well-being.

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