Oral Surgery: Extractions, Pain, Swelling and Dental Abscess Relief

At Roman Dental we treat a wide range of problems in both adults and children including (extraction) removal of teeth.

Extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Tooth decay that is non-repairable, sometimes painful,  making the tooth hopeless
  • Impaction or problematic wisdom teeth
  • An “extra” tooth that blocks normal tooth development and positioning.
  • Removal to reduce crowding , creating space for orthodontic treatment
  • Denture surgery
  • Dental implant placement and bone grafting
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Wisdom Teeth Extractions    

  • Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25 at the back of the mouth.
  • Wisdom teeth can grow unnoticed until they start to cause issues in the mouth.
  • They are commonly extracted when they affect other teeth or get lodged beside other teeth because the jaw is too small.
  • During regular visits, dentists monitor the development of wisdom teeth and may recommend extraction if potential exists for infection or damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth, or other hopeless teeth, can be comfortably removed using I V sedation.   Intra venous sedation provides comfortable, anxiety –free dental treatment.   People rarely have any memory of the tooth removal event.
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Denture Therapy: An Attractive & functional Solution 

Denture Treatment (Missing Tooth Replacement)

At Roman Dental, tooth replacement and dentures are our business, Dr. Kotlarek and his team of laboratory technicians, surgical assistants and office staff, understand the neuanses of the tooth replacement process. If you have questions regarding conventional dentures, implant supported dentures,  fixed permanent tooth replacement, the “ all–on- 4 ”treatment concept,  hybrid dentures, Valplast partial dentures,  Flexite partial dentures, cast metal frame partial dentures,  “ Teeth – In –A –Day ”, overdentures, mini dental implants,  Hader bars, Locator attachments, or any other  tooth replacement  system… we can help.   Our office in Houston, Texas has been focused on the replacement of hopeless teeth for over twenty years.  Today many artificial tooth replacement options are available.    We are uniquely experienced in the methods of tooth removal and replacement.  Although denture treatment is often a service provided for the elderly, Dr. Kotlarek has extensive education and experience treating  younger people with health related conditions who require this service.  

Denture treatment is always recommended as a last resort, however individual circumstances ranging from genetic tooth malformation, drug addiction, trauma and economic necessity may make tooth removal and replacement with full dentures, partial dentures or implant supported dentures the most practical option.    We realize that this process can be anxiety ridden.  We attempt to make our patients comfortable and well informed during treatment.

Our endeavor is for everyone to achieve function, comfort, natural beauty and the self-confidence that a great smile delivers.  For each patient and their loved ones we attempt to provide these necessary services in an environment of caring and dignity.

Denture Materials: Quality materials make thedifference.

Denture Materials

Quality denture products, used in design and manufacture, play a significant role in the esthetics, function and durability of your denture.   Just like products at the grocery store, dental manufacturers provide a wide array of denture teeth and base materials of differing quality and pricing.  Ask your dentist about available options. Choosing a higher grade or perhaps more attractively shaped and colored teeth can make the difference between “decent” and “dazzling”.

Dentures are made of two parts, the base material and the teeth. The Denture Base is the material that rests against remaining gum tissue and supports the denture teeth.

Denture Base Options:
               Metal –      strong and rigid but heavy and a bit unsightly
               Acrylics  –  light weight, tissue-colored and repairable but fragile
               Nylon –     Very light, tissue colored but flexible and non-repairable
                                   Brand names: Flexite, Valplast
               Fiber or metal reinforced acrylics–  stronger than acrylic but with increased thickness and weight

Denture Teeth Options

               Porcelain– natural looking but they click, chip and break out.  They are expensive and becoming less available.

               Acrylic – inexpensive but they tend to wear and lose their luster
               Cross-linked Acrylic– wear resistant, attractive and lustrous. Brand names: Portrait, Swissdent and Vivadent 

At Roman Dental we offer two quality denture options:

Premium Dentures:
                  Highest quality denture base material 3 standard shades 
                  Quality acrylic denture teeth, 12 available shades
                  Teeth are set in wax, tested in the mouth.
                  Built for function and strength.

Vitality Denture:
                  Highest quality denture base material multiple shades 
                  Highest quality denture teeth, unique shades, and shapes.
                  Teeth and denture base position is refined for optimal function and aesthetics.
                  Teeth positioned and edges shaped for ideal alignment and display.
                  Built for function and durability, designed to deliver a winsome smile. 

Denture Terminology:

A dentureis a custom made replacement for missing teeth.  A “full” (complete) denture replaces all of the teeth.  

A partial denturereplaces any spaces or gaps created by a few missing teeth. 

An over-denturereplaces all the teeth but is locked in place by connecting the denture to remaining tooth roots or to dental implants.

An Immediate dentureis designed and finished prior to the removal of teeth. The denture is ready to be placed immediately after the teeth are removed.  The immediate denture patient is never without teeth.  

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 Why don’t my dentures fit anymore?Complete dentures are supported only by the gum tissue, which lies under the denture base.  After teeth are removed the jawbone that supports the gum tissue slowly dissolves away. This bone resorption never stops. Therefore, as a person ages the dentures get looser, often making speech and chewing difficult.  This is particularly troublesome people wearing a lower denture.  Relining the denture will help keep the denture stable.

Dentures Done Right!

Design and selection of the “right” denture material to meet an individual’s needs and expectations has a significant impact upon satisfaction.  All dentures will help us chew; properly made dentures will rejuvenate the face.  A denture designed to develop support of the lips, cheek and facial muscles will help restore youthfulness and facial vitality.

Keys to a fabulous denture

  • Choose the best materials.
  • Have an excellent impression made of the jaw bone.
  • Select denture teeth that are the right color size and shape.  Choose teeth that compliment your appearance.  High grade, properly chosen teeth make the difference between a good and an excellent result.
  • Position the upper teeth for lip support, tooth display and clear speech. Position the lower teeth for maximum comfort and function.
  • Positioning the lower denture teeth correctly can reduce shifting, slurred speech and reduced function.

Real Patients – Real results – 25 years of experience.

At Roman Dental, serving Katy, Spring, Cypress and West Houston, Dr. Kotlarek has satisfied hundreds of denture patient with conventional dentures, full dentures, partial dentures and implant supported dentures.  At Roman Dental our goal is to achieve function, comfort, natural beauty and the self-confidence that a great smile delivers.

Can my Broken Denture be repaired?

Yes, at Roman Dental we can repair cracked denture bases and replace missing denture teeth.  In Houston, Texas Roman Dental offers same day denture repairs done quickly in our on-site denture lab.  Depending on the condition of the denture, a repair may last indefinitely or may simply be a temporary fix until a new appliance can be made.  At Roman Dental, broken dentures and dentures with missing teeth can often be repaired during the same business day.   Replacement dentures can be designed with reinforcement to prevent future cracks, provide lip and cheek support, better denture fit, denture comfort and denture appearance.  Fast and strong denture repair is our specialty.

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For some patients, even the best made dentures simply don’t work. These patients experience tenderness, denture slippage, gagging, poor aesthetics, frustration and an inability to chew. Universally this struggle results from either a lack of jawbone to support the denture or intolerance for the denture base, which covers the palate and surfaces of the mouth. For these people, the dentures must be anchored to the jaws to prevent denture movement. With dental implants a denture can be locked in place, allowing the plastic that covers the roof of the mouth to be removed. Visit our dental implant page.

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Often the best solution to loose lower dentures is the simplest one.  Mini implants provide dental anchorage at less than half the cost of conventional implants.  Mini implants can be placed without bone grafts or waiting periods.  With an implant stabilized denture a person can laugh, talk, eat and sing with confidence.

Small diameter Implants

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Small diameter (Mini) implants offer an economical choice for locking a denture in place.  The treatment is simpler, no incisions, no stitches and no waiting periods for healing.  This procedure is particularly well suited for people that have had teeth previously removed and now have little jawbone remaining. Because of simplicity this procedure is completed in one or two dental appointments. 

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Treatment begins with a consultation.  Dr. Kotlarek will discuss cost and treatment options tailored to best meet your needs.  

Denture Remakes and Relining: 

 After teeth are lost, weather from trauma, gum disease or decay, the jaw bone slowly undergoes a degenerative process resulting in the bone shrinking.   Over time bone shrinkage (resorption) causes the denture to float and shift around.  Remaking or relining the internal layer of the denture will compensate for the bone loss and reduce denture shifting and movement.  

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Relining requires that an impression of the jaw be made.  The impression is used as a pattern to process a new layer of acrylic within an existing denture.  Relining improves the fit and may reduce or eliminate the need for denture adhesives.  Reline material fills in the gap between the denture base and gum tissue.  The snugger fit provides a solid base to help chew and to resist flexure of the denture. Poor fitting dentures often flex due to lack of gum tissue support.  This flexure eventually causes the denture to crack.

Denture relines can be made from hard or soft materials.  Although relines can be completed in a single office visit, these “chairside” relines are porous, pick up odors and often peel out of the denture.  The best option is usually a hard “laboratory” reline.  Laboratory relines produce a tough non-porous durable surface but require that the denture be surrendered overnight for heat and pressure processing. Relining is a great service for a loose denture that is otherwise in good condition, with a strong base and un-worn denture teeth.   

Emergency Dental Care

If you notice sweet sensitivity, food trapping between teeth, visible stains or crack lines, make an appointment to prevent an emergency.   In spite of the best preventive efforts dental emergencies do occur. They usually involve a visible broken front tooth, tooth pain or facial swelling.

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If you, or someone you care for, has dental problem.  Encourage them to make an appointment today. Dental emergencies are often cared for quickly and comfortably; this is especially true with early treatment.  At Roman Dental we have a team of experienced and talented professionals that are able to relieve pain, swelling and replace missing teeth.

At Roman dental we accommodate patients with same day appointments to treat dental emergencies. Dental infections can be very serious in an after-hours situations if fever and/or swelling occurs beneath the tongue, involves the neck or extends toward an eye, a visit to the emergency room is warranted. 

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Emergency Dental Treatment

Depending upon the dental emergency, Roman Dental offers the following emergency dental care.

  • Missing tooth replacement
  • Dental pain relief
  • Tooth extraction
  • Temporary Fillings
  • Denture placements
  • Crown & veneer cementation
  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Medicated fillings
  • Oral Surgery
  • Dental abscess drainage
  • Wisdom tooth infection

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontic Treatment)

Do you have a tender or painful tooth?   


Symptom such as: inflammation (swelling), heat sensitivity, cold sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, spontaneous pain, fever, “shooting” pain and being awoken from sleep by tooth pain are signs that you may require root canal treatment.  Inflammation of the nervous tissue, within the hollow center of a tooth, causes discomfort.   Symptoms can be alleviated with root canal therapy.

 Root Canal (endodontic) therapy is performed to save broken or painful and seemingly hopeless teeth. Root canal treatment can relieve soreness and swelling that can arise from an infected or abscessed tooth. The soft tissue within a tooth is simply removed and replaced with a special filling material, ultimately making the tooth and surrounding tissue and bone healthy and comfortable. Endodontic treatment is often completed in a single visit.

 The words “root canal” have inspired many comedy bits and have wrongly become synonymous with pain and suffering.  In reality, root canal is the reliever of mild to severe dental pain.Decayed, severely painful and seemingly hopeless teeth can often be saved and made comfortable with this simple procedure. 

Most badly decayed or broken teeth can be saved through root canal therapy.  If you or your loved one is having a tooth ache and must consider extraction verses root canal therapy… root canal treatment is over 95% successful in preserving the long-term service of a tooth.   Further, root canal treatment delivers immediate relief of pain from cold and hot foods and beverages.

Following Root canal therapy a patient commented:   ”The root canal treatment was like throwing water on to the fire that was my dental pain”.  For more information about root canal therapy please contact us today!

What may be expected following root canal (endodontic) treatment?

  • Tenderness to chewing pressure, which lasts 2-5 days.
  • Mild inflammation of the gum tissue and surrounding cheek tissue.
  • Jaw joint soreness from opening during treatment.
  • Muscle or cheek tenderness from the dental injection.
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Side effects following root canal therapy are temporary and include the same symptoms that may have caused you to seek treatment.   Extended periods of pain, swelling fever and discomfort can occur but are not common.  If you are experiencing prolonged tooth or gum sensitivity, see your dentist soon for proper evaluation and treatment. Teeth are designed to last a lifetime. Early treatment and prevention are the keys to achieving dental health and well-being.  Comfort begins with treatment, Call Now or Book online.

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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry:   Is a mid-day nap right for you?

Do you feel that dental appointments “stress you out”? Do you find it difficult to sleep the night before your dental visit?  Is dentistry an anxiety ridden nuisance?

A safe, relaxed and comfortable dental visit is possible.

Feelings of stress and tension are commonly associated with dental treatment.   For many people the level of fear and anxiety can be overwhelming. Patients use words such as:  Apprehension, Stress, Fear, Anxiety, and Phobia when describing emotions associated with dental care.

Have you have been dealing with recurring sensitivity, dental pain or swelling because of your fears? If so, you are not alone and sedation dentistry may be the answer.

 Many people tolerate great discomfort, choosing to avoid treatment, rather than subject themselves to dental care.  Dr. Kotlarek understands the emotions of stress and anxiety that patients face during dental care.  Roman Dental, Dr. Kotlarek’s West Houston, Texas dental practice located near Katy, Texas in the 77079 Zip code area, provides different levels anxiety relief and sedation based on specific patient needs.  Dr. Kotlarek received his anesthesia training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore hospital in New York. Dr. Roman Kotlarek is certified by the American Heart Association in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Additionally, he is an active member of The American Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

Sedation dentistry is used for all types of dental care, from cosmetic smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, crown and bridge, root canal therapy, surgical tooth removal with immediate denture placement, dental implant procedures, periodontal (gum) treatment and dental cleanings.  The method of sedation varies dependent upon both the patient’s level of dental fear and the type of dental treatment being accomplished.  Some fearful patients simply require emotional reassurance along with profound local anesthesia (“Novocain/ Lidocaine” injection).  A comfortable experience for others may require nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (swallowing a “sleeping / hypnotic” tablet), or for those who want to be totally unaware, Dr. Kotlarek offers the benefits of IV  sedation.  In most situations we can help.

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Nitrous Oxide/ Oxygen administration (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is inhaled through a mask placed around the nose.  It is used for patients of all ages.  Nitrous oxide is often combined with local anesthetics, pain and anxiety medications. Nitrous oxide raises the pain threshold making dental anesthetic injections comfortable.  Additionally, nitrous oxide may make treatment time appear to pass more quickly.

Nitrous oxide provides “conscious sedation.”  The patient is awake and capable of rational response to requests and questions.  Nitrous oxide commonly produces a giddiness or euphoria, earning it the reference “Laughing Gas”.

Nitrous oxide has some advantages over other sedatives: it’s fast acting, has few side effects and rapid recovery time enables patients to safely drive a vehicle after treatment. 

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation creates a deeper level of relaxation and comfort than can be achieved through nitrous oxide alone. A sedative medication is taken by mouth the night prior to the dental visit and then another tablet is taken about an hour before treatment.  Oral sedation may be used in combination with nitrous oxide for increased levels of relaxation and comfort. 

Oral sedation works well for patients who can normally cope with dental treatment.  Patients experience a drowsy sensation but are awake and able to respond to questions and requests.  Oral sedation works well for patients that enjoy the sedative effect that makes time seem to pass more quickly, treatment more comfortable, less stressful and simply more pleasant.


  • It works effectively for mild to moderate levels of anxiety.
  • It is simple and safe.  Sedative/hypnotic tablets are taken prior to your visit.
  • Often patients have little memory of the procedure.
  • Sedation lasts for several hours after you take the medication.
  • You will need a companion to drive you to and from your appointment.

Intravenous  Sedation 

Intravenous sedation is often simply called IV Sedation or twilight sleep.  This is the most effective and predictable method of sedation for patients that are very apprehensive regarding dental care as well as for those having extensive treatments.This is the choice of sedation for patients who don’t want any memory of their dental experience. Patients must avoid food and drink for 8 hours prior to treatment.  Patients need an escort to drive them home after treatment.   Sedative and analgesic medicine is delivered through needle access in the arm.  This method allows for great control of sedation level, pain control and anxiety relief.  Although patients are clinically awake, patients have a complete sense of relaxation and comfort.  Following treatment, patients rarely have any recollection of the dental procedure.  IV sedation removes anxiety, stress and memory of dental care.  


  • It is effective for significant levels of anxiety.
  • It is effective and can be controlled to last as long as necessary.
  • Patients rarely have any memory of the dental procedure.
  • Time appears to pass quickly; lengthy dental visits seem brief.
  • Treatment can be completed more quickly and in fewer visits.
  • You will need a companion to drive you to and from your appointment


IV sedation is a more reliable and effective method for comfortably delivering all types of treatment. IV Sedation’s onset of action is immediate and can be controlled to meet the individual’s needs. The intravenous route of sedation allows better control of the depth and duration of the sedation procedure.  Conversely, oral sedation offers little control over how long the sedation lasts and how deep the level of relaxation. Oral sedation creates a relaxed feeling but is not as reliable.  Some anxious patients find oral sedation to be “just not enough sedation.”

If you’ve been hiding your smile, have pain, sensitivity, difficulty chewing, or are avoiding dental care due to fear, a bad previous experience or anxiety, we can help.  Dr. M. Roman Kotlarek offers safe and effective sedation techniques.  Have your treatments performed quickly and easily in a relaxing atmosphere.  If you or someone you know could be helped with sedation dentistry, our dental practice is located at 14535 Memorial Dr. Houston, Texas 77079, give us a call:  we are one of few dental practices that offer IV sedation for general dental procedures.  We are near Dairy Ashford close to I-10 West between Katy, Texas and the Houston Galleria. Our courteous staff will take the time to listen and help.