Denture Repair Reline Fast

Can My Broken Denture Be Repaired?

Yes, at Roman Dental we can repair cracked denture bases and replace missing denture teeth. In Houston, Texas Roman Dental offers same day denture repairs done quickly in our on-site denture lab. Depending on the condition of the denture, a repair may last indefinitely or may simply be a temporary fix until a new appliance can be made. At Roman Dental, broken dentures and dentures with missing teeth can often be repaired during the same business day. Replacement dentures can be designed with reinforcement to prevent future cracks, provide lip and cheek support, better denture fit, denture comfort and denture appearance. Fast and strong denture repair is our specialty.

For some patients, even the best made dentures simply don’t work. These patients experience tenderness, denture slippage, gagging, poor aesthetics, frustration and an inability to chew. Universally this struggle results from either a lack of jawbone to support the denture or intolerance for the denture base, which covers the palate and surfaces of the mouth. For these people, the dentures must be anchored to the jaws to prevent denture movement. With dental implants a denture can be locked in place, allowing the plastic that covers the roof of the mouth to be removed. Visit our dental implant page.

Often the best solution to loose lower dentures is the simplest one. Mini implants provide dental anchorage at less than half the cost of conventional implants. Mini implants can be placed without bone grafts or waiting periods. With an implant stabilized denture a person can laugh, talk, eat and sing with confidence.