Denture Treatment

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Denture Treatment

If you have broken, missing, sensitive or bad looking teeth, we are here to help you. Roman dental works to make tooth removal and denture placement comfortable and convenient. Dr. Kotlarek and his team: laboratory technician, surgical assistants and office staff, understand the details of the patients journey through the tooth replacement process. Roman Dental provides both the tooth removal surgery as well as the fitting and placement of the denture immediately after surgery.  Using conscious sedation this process can be done while the patient “sleeps.” 

To help make the initial dental visit comfortable and relaxed, we do a through evaluation, offer treatment options, freely discuss fees, insurance benefits and estimate out of pocket costs.  We will explain the process and answer any questions.  In most situations, surgery to remove and replace any bad teeth is scheduled one week after the denture measurements are taken. 

If you have questions regarding conventional dentures, implant supported dentures, fixed permanent tooth replacement, the “ all–on- 4 ”treatment concept, hybrid dentures, Valplast partial dentures, Flexite partial dentures, cast metal frame partial dentures, “ Teeth – In –A –Day ”, overdentures, mini dental implants, Hader bars, Locator attachments, or any other tooth replacement system… we can help.

Our office in Houston, Texas has been focused on the replacement of hopeless teeth for over twenty-five years. Today many artificial tooth replacement options are available. We are uniquely experienced in the methods of tooth removal and replacement. Although denture treatment is often a service provided for the elderly, Dr. Kotlarek has extensive education and experience treating younger people with health related conditions who require this service.

Dentures quickly deliver health benefits and “smile confidence.”

Denture treatment is always recommended as a last resort, however individual circumstances ranging from being prone to cavities, gum disease, genetic tooth malformation, drug addiction, trauma and economic necessity may make tooth removal and replacement with full dentures, partial dentures or implant supported dentures a practical option. We realize that this process can be anxiety ridden. We attempt to make our patients comfortable and well informed during treatment. Our mission is for everyone to achieve function, comfort, natural beauty and the self-confidence that a great smile delivers. For each patient and their loved ones we attempt to provide these necessary services in a caring environment.


Denture Materials

Quality denture products, used in design and manufacture, play a significant role in the aesthetics, function and durability of your denture. Just like products at the grocery store, dental manufacturers provide a wide array of denture teeth and base materials of differing quality and pricing. Ask your dentist about available options. Choosing a higher grade or perhaps more attractively shaped and colored teeth can make the difference between “decent” and “dazzling”. Dentures are made of two parts, the base material and the teeth. The Denture Base is the pink material that rests against remaining gum tissue and supports the denture teeth.

Denture Base Options:            

  • Metal – strong and rigid but heavy and a bit unsightly.            
  • Acrylics – light weight, tissue-colored and repairable but fragile.            
  • Nylon – Very light, tissue colored, soft and flexible but non-repairable. Brand names: Flexite, Valplast            
  • Fiber or metal reinforced acrylics– stronger than acrylic but with increased thickness and weight.

Denture Teeth Options

  • Porcelain– natural looking but they click, chip and break. They are expensive and becoming less available.            
  • Acrylic – inexpensive however they wear quickly and lose their luster.
  • Cross-linked Acrylic– wear resistant, attractive and lustrous. Brand names: Portrait, Swissdent and Vivadent.

Roman Dental  offers two quality denture options:

Premium Dentures:

  • Highest quality denture base material 3 standard shades.
  • Quality acrylic denture teeth, 12 available shades.
  • Teeth are set in wax, tested in the mouth.
  • Built for function and strength.

Vitality Denture:

  • Highest quality denture base material multiple shades.
  • Highest quality denture teeth, natural and bright shades and shapes.
  • The teeth and denture base molding  is refined for optimal function and aesthetics.
  • Teeth positioned and edges shaped for ideal alignment and display.
  • Built for function and durability, designed to deliver a winsome smile.

Denture Terminology:

A denture is a custom made replacement for missing teeth. A “full” (complete) denture replaces all of the teeth.

A partial denture replaces any spaces or gaps created by a few missing teeth.

An over-denture replaces all the teeth but is locked in place by connecting the denture to remaining tooth roots or to dental implants.

An Immediate denture is designed and finished prior to the removal of teeth. The denture is ready to be placed immediately after the teeth are removed. The immediate denture patient is never without teeth.

Different views of a mans face showing the benefit of dentures.

Why don’t my dentures fit anymore?

Complete dentures are supported only by the gum tissue, which lies under the denture base.  After teeth are removed the jawbone that supports the gum tissue slowly dissolves away. This bone resorption never stops. Therefore, as a person ages the dentures get looser, often making speech and chewing difficult. This is particularly troublesome people wearing a lower denture.  Relining the denture will help keep the denture stable.

Dentures Done Right!

Design and selection of the “right” denture material to meet an individual’s needs and expectations has a significant impact upon satisfaction.  All dentures will help us chew; properly made dentures will rejuvenate the face.  A denture designed to develop support of the lips, cheek and facial muscles will help restore youthfulness and facial vitality.

Keys To A Fabulous Denture

  • Choose the best materials.
  • Have an excellent impression made of the jaw bone.
  • Select denture teeth that are the right color size and shape. Choose teeth that compliment your appearance. High grade, properly chosen teeth make the difference between a good and an excellent result.
  • Position the upper teeth for lip support, tooth display and clear speech. Position the lower teeth for maximum comfort and function.
  • Positioning the lower denture teeth correctly can reduce shifting, slurred speech and reduced function.

Real Patients – Real results – 25 years of experience.

Smiling faces showing before and after denture treatment results


Roman Dental serves Katy, Spring, Cypress and West Houston. Dr. Kotlarek has satisfied hundreds of denture patient with conventional dentures, full dentures, partial dentures and implant supported dentures.  At Roman Dental our goal is to achieve function, comfort, natural beauty and the self-confidence that a great smile delivers.