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Dentures for your health, comfort, and convenience.

Denture treatment is done quickly and comfortably.

Dentures quickly help improve smiles

First, if you have broken, missing, sensitive, or unhealthy-looking teeth, we can help.

Secondly, Roman Dental makes tooth removal and denture placement comfortable and convenient. Third, because Roman Dental has an onsite dental lab, dentures can be customized and made more quickly.  Additionally, dentures are repaired on the same day. 

To ensure a great result, communication between the dentist and patient is made simple. Roman Dental has a small team: a gentle dentist, a laboratory technician, and assistants. Therefore, communication is clear.  As a result of working with a small group of professionals, it is easy to follow-through on each person’s care details.  Most importantly, this close communication supports patients through the tooth replacement process.

Denture treatment is completed in one location.

In a single location, Roman Dental provides five common denture treatments.

  1.  Tooth removal surgery
  2.  Immediate denture placement after surgery 
  3.  Custom try-in for aesthetics and function
  4.  Implant placement to lock dentures down
  5.  Same-day denture repairs

 As a result, patients do not need to drive to different dental offices and coordinate appointments. Additionally, the office is equipped to perform dental surgery with the benefit of conscious sedation. The whole denture process is very simply done in a single office location  while the patient “sleeps.” 

Schedule a consultation to discuss treatment options & cost.

To help make the initial dental visit comfortable and relaxed, we do a thorough evaluation.  Additionally, we offer treatment options.  The cost of treatment is freely discussed. Additionally, insurance benefits are calculated to estimate the out-of-pocket cost..  We will explain the treatment process and answer any questions.  In most situations, surgery to remove and replace any bad teeth is scheduled soon after the denture measurements are taken. 

We can help if you have questions regarding conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures, or fixed permanent tooth replacement.

Helpful experience

Roman Dental has been focused on the replacement of hopeless teeth for over twenty-five years. Today many tooth replacement options are available. Because of our experience with all the different methods of tooth replacement, we offer choices. Most importantly, we provide information to help patients choose the best options.  Dr. Kotlarek has the education and experience to treat people with health-related conditions who require dental services.

Dentures quickly improve smiles.

Denture treatment is only recommended when teeth are in such a bad condition that they cannot be saved. However, individual health circumstances like being prone to cavities and gum disease or drug addiction and trauma make tooth removal the best solution. For many people, replacement with full dentures, partial dentures, or implant-supported dentures is a practical option. We realize that this process can be anxiety-ridden. Therefore, to create a relaxed setting, we take the time to keep our patients comfortable and well informed during treatment.

A secure denture creates the confidence to smile.

Our mission is to provide dentures that fit, are comfortable, and deliver a naturally attractive smile. Successful in our mission, the self-confidence of a great smile is noticeable to everyone. For each patient and their loved ones, we attempt to provide denture services in a caring way. Dentures, with or without implants, put an end to recurring toothaches and dental problems.  As a bonus, for so many people, well-made dentures return the joy of smiling.

Denture Treatment Materials

Quality denture products play a significant role in the aesthetics, function, and durability of your denture. Like products at the grocery store, dental manufacturers provide a range of denture teeth and base materials of differing quality and pricing. Ask your dentist about available options.

Choosing a higher grade of teeth makes the denture more attractive. This is because higher-quality teeth are shaped and colored like natural teeth.  Additionally, better denture teeth are harder and, as a result, wear more slowly. Quality denture materials make a subtle but significant difference in aesthetics and durability.

Dentures are made of two parts.  

  1. Base material
  2. Denture teeth

The base material is the pink part of the denture that provides strength. It rests against the gum tissue and holds the denture teeth in position. The teeth have the biggest effect on appearance. Therefore, selecting teeth that are durable, properly sized, shaped, and colored is important. 

Base material options:           

  • Metal – strong and rigid but heavy and a bit unsightly.            
  • Acrylics – lightweight, tissue-colored, and repairable but fragile.            
  • Nylon – Very light, tissue-colored, soft, and flexible but non-repairable. Brand names: Flexite, Valplast            
  • Fiber or metal reinforced acrylics– stronger than acrylic but with increased thickness and weight.

Denture teeth options

  • Porcelain– natural-looking, but they click, chip and break. They are expensive and becoming less available.            
  • Acrylic – inexpensive; however, they wear quickly and lose their luster.
  • Cross-linked Acrylic– wear-resistant, attractive and lustrous. Brand names: Portrait, Swissdent, and Vivadent.

Roman Dental  offers two quality denture options:

Premium Dentures:

  • Quality denture base material 3 standard shades.
  • Quality acrylic denture teeth, 12 available shades.
  • Teeth are set in wax, tested in the mouth.
  • Built for function and strength.

Vitality Denture:

  • Highest quality denture base material – available in multiple shades.
  • Highest quality denture teeth, natural and bright shades, and shapes.
  • The teeth and denture base molding are refined for optimal function and aesthetics.
  • Teeth positioned and edged shaped for ideal alignment and display.
  • Built for function and durability and an attractive smile.

Denture Terminology:

Denture:  a custom-made tooth replacement appliance, also called a ‘plate.’ 

Complete Denture: an appliance that replaces all of the upper or lower teeth

Partial denture:  an appliance used to replace teeth when some teeth remain in the jaw

An over-denture: replaces all the teeth but is locked in place by connecting the denture to remaining tooth roots or dental implants.

An Immediate denture: a tooth replacement appliance that is placed at the time of tooth extraction.

Why don’t my dentures fit anymore?

After teeth are removed, the jaw bone shrinks.

Dentures are supported only by the gum tissue, which lies directly under the denture base.  After teeth are removed, the jawbone that supports the overlying gum tissue slowly dissolves away because the tooth roots’ function no longer stimulates the bone. Consequently, as a person ages, the dentures get looser, often making speech and chewing difficult. This is particularly troublesome for people wearing a lower denture. 

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Dental implants are an option to prevent jaw bone shrinkage

Dental implants are used to support dentures. In other words, when implants are placed within the jaw bone, chewing forces are transmitted directly into the bone rather than the force just pressing against the sensitive gum tissue. Most importantly, this makes chewing more comfortable. Secondly, because chewing forces are delivered into the bone rather than to the gum tissue, bone stimulation occurs. As a result, the jaw bone does not shrink. The jaw will maintain its youthful shape as long as chewing forces’ stress activates the bone cells.

Advantages of implant support for dentures:

  • Improves stability & retention
  • It eliminates the need for adhesives.
  • Improves speech
  • Lips move naturally when smiling.
  • Expands the range of edible food
  • Lessens food trapping
  • Decreases denture volume
  • Reduces gum soreness
  • It helps maintain a natural face shape.

Dentures Done Right

Tooth color and tooth shape selection are unique and personal. It has a big impact on the final result. Consequently, communication about tooth color between the dentist and patient is valuable. Therefore, patients are encouraged to share their opinions and wishes regarding the new teeth.  Importantly, the outcome of these conversations influences the look of the face as well as the smile.  Additionally, tooth shape and position affect biting strength and chewing ability.

All dentures help with chewing. However, properly made dentures both rejuvenate the face and help with chewing.  Roman Dental designs dentures to support the lips, cheek, and facial muscles.  This helps restore youthfulness and facial vitality.

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What makes dentures durable and unique: 

  • Quality materials are used.
  • Dentures are sized and fit properly.
  • Tooth shape and color are personalized. 
  • Teeth are positioned to support the upper lip.
  • Teeth are designed for clear speech.
  • Lower teeth positioned for comfort and function.

Real Patients – Real results – 25 years of experience.

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Dentures and implant-supported dentures are a great solution to broken and missing teeth.

Roman Dental has been providing denture services for over twenty-five years. As a result, Dr. Kotlarek knows how to satisfy denture patients. Importantly, Dr. Kotlarek takes the time to listen and then explain treatment options. Roman Dental provides teeth that work.  That is to say; dentures are made so people can laugh, talk, chew and smile with confidence.