What Is a Sinus Lift and Why Might You Need One?

A woman smiling while a dentist talks to her about a sinus lift procedure

Are you considering dental implants? You might need a sinus lift first.

This procedure is often recommended for people who need implants in the upper jaw. It helps the implants last longer and function better.

Dr. Roman Kotlarek performs sinus lifts at Roman Dental in Houston. He uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your comfort and deliver outstanding results. Learn more about this surgery below.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is also known as sinus augmentation. It is a specialized procedure that enhances the bone density of your upper jaw.

During the sinus lift surgery, Dr. Roman carefully raises the sinus membrane from the floor of the sinus cavity. This delicate process creates a space beneath the membrane where bone graft material gets placed.

Over time, the graft integrates with your existing bone. It then forms a more robust structure that reliably supports a dental implant.

Why Might You Need One?

Sinus lifts are often necessary when the upper jaw lacks bone height or if the sinuses sit too close to the jaw. Both of these situations can make it risky to insert dental implants without extra interventions.

Several factors can contribute to these conditions, including the following:

  • Bone Deterioration from Periodontal Disease: This common dental problem can lead to significant bone loss around the teeth. It may weaken the jaw’s structure and reduce available bone for implant placement.
  • The Inherent Structure of Your Skull: Natural variations in the skull anatomy can cause a thinner jawbone or larger sinus cavities. These features may impact Dr. Roman’s ability to perform a standard implant procedure.
  • Gradual Bone Resorption Following Tooth Loss: After tooth loss, the jawbone in the vacant area begins to resorb or dissolve. This issue can substantially decrease bone density over time.

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