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Thru Covid-19: Houstonian's Continue


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Your smile and comfort is what Roman Dental is all about. Our energy is directed at providing beautiful outcomes. We perform routine cleaning and resolve toothaches.  Functional and aesthetic enhancements are accomplished with tooth-colored fillings, dentures, implants and porcelain veneers. In West Houston, located on Memorial Drive we are the “dentist near me”. For over twenty years we have been operating as a small neighborhood dental office focused on improving and restoring smiles.

Covid-19  Safety

Roman Dental is now open 9 AM – 5 PM Monday thru Thursday and Friday 9AM – 2PM. This dental office is open for business, providing same day appointments. All services are now available: dental hygiene, routine treatments including cosmetic care, tooth replacement and wisdom tooth surgeries. Roman Dental provides same day appointments to relieve pain and discomfort.  Most treatments to repair or replace missing teeth can be completed in the same day.

Our focus is to always provide comfortable care.  We discuss treatment options.  We determine dental insurance benefits and estimate out-of-pocket cost prior to beginning treatment.

During the Houston, TX lockdown, by state recommendation Roman Dental remained open to treat dental emergencies.  As a result, infection  control training, equipment and supplies are available to properly follow the CDC guidelines regarding health and safety. Roman Dental is prepared and committed to keeping you, your family and our staff safe. We understand today’s many concerns.  Infection control has been and always will be a top priority.


What We Do Best

Using bonding, whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, tooth-colored fillings, dentures and metal-free crowns, we target your desired needs. If that means resolving a toothache, replacing hopeless teeth or refining the “look” of your smile, we can help.  Dr. Roman Kotlarek and his team combine artistic, technical and communication skills to put dental patients at ease.

What is new?

Marvelous technologies, methods of sedation and improved materials have advanced contemporary dental care to the point where even the most challenging dental problems can usually be simply resolved.  For anxious dental patients, the greatest advancements in dental care is the development of ultra short acting medications that can be given intravenously, providing a very comfortable dental experience.  With intravenous sedation patients leave the office, usually without memory of their dental treatment, feeling as if they had an afternoon nap.  Today, dental repairs are often simple, quickly achieved and undetectable.

Easy Payment Options

We realize that affordability of dental care is important.  To make decisions easy, we are in network with major PPO dental insurance so that you can get quality treatment at an affordable fee. We offer short and long-term financing through Care Credit. We directly file dental insurance claims, verify dental benefits, estimate coverage and co-payments. We accept workers compensation benefits and have experience with workman’s compensation claims. Without judgment or pressure we freely discuss cost and treatment options, allowing you to make choices that are right for you.

Dental Service

Roman Dental, located in the energy corridor (Memorial drive near Dairy Ashford), is one of Houston’s most technologically advanced offices. A range of services is provided: cleaning, check-ups, wisdom tooth removal, cosmetic veneers, root canals, implants, crowns and dentures.

Dr. Roman Kotlarek and his team are prepared to relieve toothaches and swelling, replace missing teeth, sooth tender gums, and deliver fabulous cosmetic results.

Patient Testimonials

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! I have gotten so many compliments on what a
beautiful smile I have; it’s unbelievable.

-Nicole C.

Team Roman Dental:

You’ve made our family smile!!!


-Linda R.

To the great Dr. Kotlarek and staff who I will be forever grateful to and who make me feel so welcome at each visit…


-E. A.