Meet Our Friendly Dental Team – Houston, TX

Get to Know Our Caring Dental Team

Our dental team is comprised of two registered dental hygienists, two registered dental assistants, and two treatment coordinators, all of whom are passionate about helping their patients maintain healthy, natural smiles and providing top-notch care. They love personalizing each patient’s visit and spending time getting to know everyone who enters through the practice doors. To learn a little more about some of the friendly faces you’ll see around our office, read below!

Registered Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienist Janie


Dental hygienist Rebecca


With their gentle touch and relaxed personalities, Janie and Rebecca help everyone in this Houston dental office maintain healthy, attractive smiles. They are both very talented in their ability to recognize and treat gum disease and tooth sensitivity. Rebecca and Janie have attended local and national dental conventions because they are interested in dental research regarding gum disease. As a result of their interest and understanding, they can better help patients with a family history of gum recession and tooth loss. Janie is especially interested in the common link between heart disease, arthritis, and gum disease. Rebecca studies biofilm, dental implants, and gum inflammation. She has brought new amino acid and Airflow technologies into the office to help dental implant patients.

Certified Dental Assistants

Dental assistant Emily


Dental assistant Carol


Emily and Carole have years of experience, which helps make each dental appointment go smoothly. Additionally, their concern for detail helps to deliver great results. Patients also appreciate their communication skills. Emily and Carole provide answers to questions about dental procedures, what to expect during treatment and how to take care of yourself afterward. Carole and Emily are licensed and certified dental assistants. As a result of their training, they are capable of getting dental visits completed comfortably and efficiently.

Treatment Coordinators

Dental treatment coordinator Julie


Dental treatment coordinator Angie


These wonderful ladies have years of expertise in making dental visits convenient. They’ll help make financial arrangement, explain insurance details and coordinate convenient appointments.

Roman Dental: A Fun Place to Be

Dental team member in waiting room Roman Dental team on a park bench
Dental team members in purple protective gear
Hand blue and hand in white glove together Dental team members treating dental patient
Dental team members in costume
Dental team members in matching scrubs laughing