Custom Dental Nightguards – Houston, TX

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Helping You Avoid Worn-Down & Damaged Teeth

Mouthguards protect teeth from wear and reduce sensitivity. Tooth clenching and grinding are known as dental bruxism. Most people who clench are not aware that they have this habit, resulting in significant harm to their teeth. This habit causes chipping on the edge of the front teeth as well as the biting surface of back molars to wear and shorten. Additionally, bruxing causes notches and grooves to form on tooth roots. Strong lateral pressure placed on the teeth makes the gums recede. As a result of the pressure, teeth become temperature sensitive. Custom dental nightguards protect the teeth from the effects of clenching and reduce the risk of TMD development.

Why Choose Roman Dental for Custom Nightguards?

  • Customized for Maximized Protection
  • Dental Insurance-Friendly Practice
  • Same-Day Appointments for Patients in Pain

Do Store-Bought Nightguards Help?

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Nightguards can be purchased at drug stores, but these basic guards can only provide temporary help by reducing tooth wear. In order to meet the one-size-fits-all requirement, the appliances are made of a soft material. As a result, they are inexpensive. However, they do not protect the teeth against the damage of lateral clenching force. It is the lateral (side to side) clenching forces that are most harmful, causing tooth root sensitivity and fractured and worn teeth. Despite their limitations, people find store-bought nightguards helpful, but difficult to wear because of the generic fit.

Custom Nightguards

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Roman Dental provides custom nightguards that protect teeth and the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) while you sleep. Custom nightguards are made from high-strength materials. The materials provide cushioning and resistance to wear. They are made with a cushioned interior surface and a solid biting surface to distribute pressure. The material and design are comfortable, durable, and prevent damage from teeth grinding and jaw clenching. As the name implies, our nightguards are custom fit to your mouth, helping clenchers get a better night’s sleep.

Benefits of Custom Nightguards

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People benefit from the protection of nightguards. For example, people that wake up with a headache associated with tender muscles surrounding the ear and jaw often find relief by wearing nightguards. Other signs that suggest the need for a nightguard include tooth mobility, worn-down enamel on back molars, and grooves on root surfaces (abfractions). Additionally, sensitivity to cold liquids and cold air can be reduced by wearing a nightguard. Teeth grinding and clenching at night are typically caused by stress, misalignment of teeth, breathing disorders, allergies, or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Although the reasons for clenching are complicated the symptoms can be addressed by wearing a nightguard.