How to Prepare for a Root Canal

At Roman Dental in Houston, TX, Dr. Roman Kotlarek and his experienced, compassionate team understand the anxiety that can come with root canals and other dental procedures. 

Below, they offer insights into how you can prepare both mentally and physically, as well as some tips for a smoother, more comfortable root canal treatment.

Understanding Root Canals

Understanding what happens during a root canal can help you feel more prepared and confident going into the procedure.

A root canal is the most common form of endodontic therapy. It is a dental treatment aimed at saving an infected or severely damaged tooth.

During the treatment, Dr. Kotlarek removes the damaged area of the tooth. He then cleans, disinfects, fills, and seals it. 

A root canal is a safe treatment, and thanks to modern techniques and anesthesia, it typically causes little to no discomfort.

Preparing Mentally

Proper mental preparation can help you reduce any stress or worries you have about dental treatment. A good way to start preparing mentally is to schedule a consultation at Roman Dental. Our experts will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

You may also want to learn some relaxation techniques that you can use before and during the procedure to calm your nerves. Try practices like deep breathing, meditation, or listening to calming music to lower anxiety.

Preparing Physically

Physical preparation also plays a crucial role. Here are some tips to ensure you are ready for your appointment:

  • Eat a good meal, as you might need to wait a few hours post-procedure before eating again.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking cigarettes for at least 24 hours prior to the procedure, as these can affect the healing process.
  • Ask someone to drive you home afterward, as you might be under the influence of anesthetics.

Start Preparing for Your Root Canal Today

At Roman Dental, we focus on providing a serene and gentle experience. 

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