How Your Dentist Uses Art to Help with Dental-Related Anxiety

How Your Dentist Uses Art to Help with Dental-Related Anxiety

June 3, 2023
concept art of a multi-colored tooth

Dental-related fear is a common and understandable distress that many individuals experience; in fact, about 36% of all US adults suffer from it! For this group, the mere thought of sitting in the dental chair can trigger intense feelings of stress, unease, and discomfort. However, in recent years, many dentists have started embracing various approaches to tackle this issue. While sedation dentistry remains one of the most well-known solutions, believe it or not, artwork can also be strategically used to soothe dental-related anxiety. Here’s more about how your dentist uses art to alleviate dental-related fear and create a more positive experience for their patients.

Understanding Dental-Related Anxiety

Dental anxiety, also called dental-related fear or dental phobia, can stem from a wide variety of things, including a fear of pain or needles, concern about the unknown aspects of dental treatment, or even negative past experiences at the dentist’s office. It can also be triggered by the physical stimuli present throughout a dental visit, such as certain sounds or sensations.

The Therapeutic Impact of Art

Art has been used as a therapeutic medium for centuries; it has the power to evoke emotions, create a sense of calm, and distract us from distressing thoughts. These benefits can be translated directly into the dental office setting; artwork in the dental office not only serves as decoration, but also contributes to the overall ambiance, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. The use of colors, patterns, and other aesthetically pleasing visuals can work wonders when it comes to shifting a patient’s focus off of their anxiety. You won’t feel so hyper-focused on what’s going on inside of your mouth, and instead, you’ll feel a sense of distracted relief as your dentist carries out necessary treatment, no matter how simple or complex in nature.

It’s also worth mentioning that dental-related anxiety is notably common in young children; thankfully, this group is also quite receptive to the positive effects of artwork in the dental office! This can help make dental care much easier to carry out for children while also shaping positive feelings about future dental visits.

Moving forward, it’s unlikely that dental-related anxiety will simply vanish, meaning that it’s essential for dentists to continue exploring creative ways of combating it. Artwork is one idea that has proven quite effective, so the next time you step into your dentist’s office, take a moment to appreciate that neat local painting on the wall or that interactive display with cool graphics—it’s there to help you out!

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