3 Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Tooth Extraction

So, your dentist just told you that you need to have a tooth removed? It’s understandable if your immediate reaction was one of fear. However, your oral health is a priority to you, so you know it’s best to follow your dentist’s recommendations. Fortunately, tooth extractions are a common dental procedure, so you have no reason to be scared. Read on to learn three things that will help you overcome your fear of tooth extraction.

#1. Knowledge is Power

Understanding the full procedure of getting a tooth removed will help you with any dental anxiety you are feeling. If you are aware of the step-by-step process, you won’t have to worry about what will be happening next. You won’t have to spend any energy imagining unnecessary painful or traumatic scenarios that are unlikely to happen!

The following is what you can expect from a non-surgical tooth extraction:

  • First, a local anesthetic will be injected into the treated site.
  • Your dentist will then gently wiggle the tooth until it comes out.
  • Once it’s loose, the tooth will then be removed.
  • Finally, your dentist will apply gauze to the area to control the bleeding.

In some cases, small incisions may need to be made in the gum tissue to help the tooth come loose. However, there is still nothing to worry about– your dentist will notify you beforehand if that’s a necessary step in your procedure.

#2. Confidence is Key

It’s important to know that your dentist’s last resort is to remove a tooth. They will generally only recommend an extraction if your oral health is at risk. Therefore, taking the time to listen to your dental team about why the procedure is necessary will help you to feel more confident about the decision. They can notify you of the possible dental complications that can occur if you don’t tend to the problem tooth. Some issues like gum disease or bone loss can not only cause you more pain down the line, but more money! By focusing on the benefits, you can look forward to doing what’s best for your smile!

#3. Bring a Loved One with You

Having a close family member or friend with you makes so many things in life better…including dental appointments! If you are still feeling nervous about your upcoming procedure, reach out to a loved one so they can accompany you to your procedure. Their presence can help alleviate your dental anxiety and keep you calm. Knowing you will have the right support and comfort after your treatment will bring you peace of mind while you get your oral health tended to.

While getting a tooth extracted may seem overwhelming, there is no need to be afraid. By following these helpful tips, you can remain cool, calm, and collected as you make your smile a #1 priority!

About the Author

Dr. Roman Kotlarek and his team at Roman Dental are eager to help you keep your smile in top condition! He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio and is an active member of several dental associations. By using advanced dental technology and customized plans, he can treat your oral health care issue with comfort and attentiveness. To schedule a same-day emergency appointment, contact him through his website or call (281) 920-4200.