5 Reasons Sedation Dentistry May Not Be the Best Fit for You

dentist and patient talking about sedation dentistry

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the demand for sedation dentistry. Given that over 50% of Americans experience varying degrees of dental anxiety, the appeal is understandable. Although it is known for its effectiveness and safety, sedation dentistry may not suit everyone. Your dentist will evaluate the following factors during your initial consultation to assess your suitability.

#1. You Have a Stuffy Nose

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a gentle sedative delivered through a nose piece. However, if you have nasal congestion, inhaling it becomes difficult, rendering its effects ineffective. Therefore, if you’re experiencing congestion due to illness or allergies, it’s advisable to consider rescheduling your appointment for another day.

#2. You’re Allergic to the Medication

Having a documented allergy to medication, such as benzodiazepines, would naturally make sedation dentistry unsuitable. This underscores the significance of disclosing your complete medical and dental history to your dentist.

However, there are alternative anxiety-reducing strategies available. For instance, some patients find that establishing a predetermined hand signal indicating the need for a break can effectively alleviate stress during treatment.

#3. You’re Pregnant

Dental sedation is typically not advised at any stage of pregnancy, which means that pregnant women are not eligible candidates for sedation dentistry. Therefore, if there’s a possibility that you could be pregnant, it’s crucial to inform your dentist. Open communication about your pregnancy status ensures that appropriate precautions can be taken to safeguard both you and your baby.

#4. You Don’t Struggle with Dental-Related Anxiety

Sedation dentistry offers a viable solution for patients grappling with varying degrees of dental-related anxiety, enabling them to undergo routine treatments, such as teeth cleanings, with greater ease. Conversely, if you do not experience fear or anxiety regarding dental visits, you can opt for essential care without the need for laughing gas or oral conscious sedation.

#5. You Drank Alcohol Before the Appointment

If you usually book your dental appointments after happy hour or an early dinner with friends, it’s advisable to avoid sedation dentistry. Alcohol and sedation medication can interact unfavorably, heightening the risk of complications such as excessively low blood pressure. To mitigate these risks, it’s recommended to consume only water before your appointment.

Sedation dentistry offers significant benefits for suitable candidates. Your dentist will assess your concerns and medical history to determine your eligibility. If deemed appropriate, they will provide instructions to streamline the process. If you believe sedation dentistry is the right choice for you, schedule an appointment with your dentist without delay!

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