More Than a Cleaning: What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Offices Do?

cosmetic dentistry offices

Practicing good dental hygiene doesn’t just keep your teeth and mouth clean. It actually promotes overall good health and well being.

It’s recommended that adults receive a professional dental cleaning at least once a year. At these visits, your dentist checks for cavities, removes plaque build-up, and performs X-rays.

But what if you’re struggling with a different type of oral condition? If you’re embarrassed to smile due to yellowing teeth, or a missing or cracked tooth, cosmetic dentistry offices can help.

Curious to learn more about what cosmetic dental treatments are available? Grab your toothbrush and let’s take a look!

What Services Do Cosmetic Dentistry Offices Offer?

The main difference between cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry is this. Cosmetic dentists focus on the aesthetics of your mouth and teeth while dentists are more concerned with the health of your teeth and gums.

Here is a brief list of some procedures and services a cosmetic dentistry office provides in addition to cleanings and check-ups:

  • Teeth whitening/bleaching
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants
  • Periodontal gum care and gum surgery
  • Denture treatment and repair

Depending on your condition, your primary dentist might refer you to a cosmetic dentist for evaluation and more specialized treatment. 

Common Procedures

The most common procedures cosmetic dentists offer are related to the overall appearance of your teeth. If you’re suffering from chips, cracks, stains, or gaps, a cosmetic dentist can help you achieve the perfect smile.

Here are a few of the most common procedures used.


Bonding helps fix chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth without removing the tooth’s natural surface. The dentist bonds a tooth-colored material to the teeth to fill gaps and chips and mask discoloration. 

Most bonding materials can match the color of your teeth almost perfectly, but the procedure isn’t without limitations. You may need periodic touch-ups.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a popular choice thanks to their durability. Veneers are the closest thing to replacing your actual tooth and won’t lose luster over time. Veneers are also resistant to discoloration. 

Porcelain veneers can completely cover any gaps, chips, or discoloration as well as strengthen damaged teeth. During this process, a thin layer of porcelain is slipped over the front of the tooth, leaving it straight and white.

Enamel Contouring and Tooth Reshaping 

If your teeth are worn down, chipped or crooked due to a wearing down of the natural enamel, both contouring and tooth reshaping can help.

The cosmetic dentist will use a diamond polishing instrument to round and soften any sharp edges. This tool can also help correct angles on the edge and corners of your teeth from daily wear and tear. 

If you’re looking for a simple procedure that offers dramatic results, look no further than enamel contouring. 

Silver Filling Replacements

Years ago dentists used silver or mercury fillings to correct cavities. Although this method was effective, it leaves you with visible dark fillings throughout your mouth.

Not only are these fillings unsightly but they can also cause fractures in your teeth over time. A cosmetic dentist can replace these amalgam fillings with ceramic crowns, porcelain onlays, or veneers, both protecting your teeth and enhancing their appearance.

What Else Can a Cosmetic Dentist Do?

Aside from these specific cosmetic dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry offices offer repair and long-term services.

Dental Implants

Are you ready to say goodbye to removable dentures or a missing tooth? Dental implants provide the solution you’ve been searching for. Not only do dental implants fix the damaged teeth, but they also protect healthy adjacent teeth.

The best part about dental implants is that they’re a permanent fix. A small screw is placed where the tooth’s root once was and then a custom implant is secured in place.

Denture Treatments

If a dental implant isn’t an option for you, a cosmetic dentistry office has other denture treatments available including attractive denture options and relining. While dentures are always a last resort, they’re necessary for some conditions.

Things like significant trauma, drug addiction, and genetic tooth malformation may all require teeth removal and replacement.

Most people shy away from dentures out of fear of looking and feeling old. Some worry that the dentures will also look artificial.

This is where quality materials come into play. You can choose from several materials for both the base of the denture and the teeth themselves. These include metal, acrylics, nylon, or fiber/metal reinforced acrylic for the base and porcelain, acrylic or cross-haired acrylic for the teeth. 

Denture remakes and relining is another service most cosmetic dentistry offices offer. After teeth are lost, your jaw slowly degenerates over time. This causes dentures to “float”, or not fit as securely as they once did.

Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can be unsightly and embarrassing. Avoid awkward stares or mishaps by having your dentures relined.

A layer of specially fitted acrylic is added to the inside of the denture, creating a more secure fit. 

What to Expect When You Visit Cosmetic Dentistry Offices

Are you hesitant to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist? Don’t be! When you know what to expect from your first visit, you can schedule a consultation without worry.

During your first visit, the dentist will evaluate your condition. They’ll ask a lot of questions about your condition, your dental history, and may even request X-rays and paperwork from your primary dentist.

The cosmetic professional will then perform a consultation and make recommendations about the best procedures and treatment plans. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Helps You Put Your Best Face Forward

You need a two-part approach to dental hygiene. In addition to keeping your teeth and gums healthy and clean, you may require the help of cosmetic dentistry offices to restore the look and strength of your smile.

From dentures and implants to night guards and teeth whitening, the professionals at Roman Dental have you covered.

Call today to schedule an appointment and in the meantime, browse our blog for more helpful tips and tricks on oral hygiene.