Dental cosmetic veneers

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Cosmetic dental veneers have advanced. As a result, dentists now deliver stronger, faster and more natural results.

The impact of a smile

The smile has a powerful impact on the first impression we make.  This is because the people we meet notice our smiles. Studies have shown that when people first meet, after eye contact – we notice each others teeth. Additionally, a pleasing smile creates a feeling of self-confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental treatment helps when nature fails. Unfortunately, tooth discoloration, gaps, chips and missing teeth are just naturally occur.

On the other hand, esthetic dentistry corrects dental imperfections.  Cosmetic dental veneers, bonding, bleaching, gum recontouring and enamel contouring delivers smiles that look great, appear natural, are strong and long lasting.

Aesthetic dentists work to improve the appearance of the teeth.  Cosmetic dentists remove tooth discolorations and brighten the color of the teeth. Cosmetic dentists also correct the alignment and shape of teeth.

What has changed in cosmetic dentistry?

The materials that dentists use to improve smiles has gotten better.  Cosmetic porcelain and  tooth-colored composite resin is now more durable and life-like. Dentists don’t trim down teeth for crowns like they did years ago. This means that treatment is conservative. In other words, less tooth structure is removed.

Now tooth-colored resins are used to restore and reshape teeth.  Because of these enhancements treatment is faster, less invasive and produces stronger and better looking results.

Porcelain veneers

Esthetic porcelain veneers are a thin layer of ceramic.  Veneers are layered over the top of natural teeth to brighten and improve a tooth’s appearance. Dental veneers strengthen the underlying tooth.  Because of this strengthening they are ideal for people that have teeth that are thin and prone to chipping.

This photo shows how teeth that were too small, were enlarged to create better lip support. Porcelain was added to the teeth in a natural balanced way.

Cosmetic dentist take great care to prevent teeth from looking artificial. This is done by creating an extremely thin veneer that is colored, tinted and highlighted to appear natural.

Because the human touch is so important – in this example the dentist and laboratory ceramist used a combination of high technology and artistic effort to deliver a natural result.

Cosmetic dental professionals

The patient that are treated by cosmetic dentists are recognized as having attractive smiles. Moreover, cosmetic dental patients do not appear to have: “had their teeth done”.

If you would like an improvement in your smile -take the first step to make this positive change. Contact a cosmetic dentist for a consultation.

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